Talkin' Outdoors

In football for a young wanna-be quarterback, nothing beats getting to pick the brains of such successful team leaders like Peyton Manning, Terry Bradshaw, Drew Brees, et al. Learning how they do what they do so successfully can go a long way toward helping them develop a mastery of the position.

The same thing could be said for other successful endeavors. Take turkey hunting for instance. If you want to become good at taking wild gobblers, nothing helps like learning from the old veterans who have spent the hours and put in the effort to be successful.

Such is the case with a new book just out on the market. The book isn’t actually new; it has been redone and gussied up in a new revised edition. The original was great; this one is better.

Mississippi legend Gene Nunnery put all his knowledge and expertise and gave new insight into turkey hunting in a book “The Old Pro Turkey Hunter” he wrote in 1980. After he passed away at the age of 81 in 1992, those fortunate few who held copies of the original had something to treasure. For those less fortunate to own a copy, there is good news for you. The revised edition of Nunnery’s masterful book is now out and available for purchase. For the turkey hunter, he’ll find no more prized gift under the Christmas tree than a copy of this book.

The book with a new cover photo and foreword, photographed and written by Mike Giles, outdoor writer/photographer and master turkey hunter himself, has created a treasure for any serious turkey hunter to own.

Back in the day, Nunnery was recognized as a master turkey hunter and an artisan who crafted unique, almost irresistible turkey calls. In his book, he shares over fifty years of personal experience of turkey hunting along with the wisdom of those older who taught him. He was a successful businessman from Meridian, MS who had a passion for life, for people and the outdoors. However, it was his passion for the wild turkey and all things related to wild turkeys that led him to become a legend before his passing.

He was born in 1911 during a time when there were few turkey hunters and even fewer turkeys which gave him a thirst for knowledge from the hunters he knew who chased them. Although he will forever be known as the “Old Pro” as regards the wild turkeys, his writing is about those who came before him, the men who were his mentors.

Through his stories, Nunnery reveals that the true reward for successful turkey hunting lies in winning the contest, and here’s an important thing he shares. Winning the contest does not necessarily mean downing a gobbler. Real sportsmen know that every now and then the turkey should and will elude the hunter. Lessons learned when a turkey wins the battles can be just as important to a hunter as filling a tag as it provides extra bits of knowledge and stored wisdom for the hunter.

In addition to writing, Nunnery was an expert turkey call maker and in honor of this gift, the Gene Nunnery/Old Pro Turkey Hunter Commemorative call, designed by Giles and well-known turkey hunter/champion caller, Preston Pittman is now available. The call is a very limited edition with only 100 signed and numbered calls available for purchase.

To purchase a copy signed by Giles and have it in time for Christmas giving, contact Giles at or give him a call at 601.9173898. The book sells for $25 plus $5 shipping and handling. The limited edition turkey call can be ordered at the same address. Cost is $100 which includes shipping and handling.