Beekman notes and quotes:

Beekman fullback/linebacker Seth Meyers never gave Brock Jenkins a chance to answer the first question following Monday's practice.

Jenkins was asked to share his thoughts on Friday night's 40-34 triple overtime victory over LaSalle, which ended an 11-game losing streak.

"It's about time," Meyers said succinctly.

Jenkins didn't mind Meyers intruding on his interview. A young man of few words to begin with, the junior quarterback was more interested in putting in some post-practice work. But he did stick around long enough to sing the praises of offensive linemen Aiden Cherry, Carson Middlebrooks, Cam Harrell, Josh Nelson and Mitchell McKinney, who helped the Tigers rush for 280 yards.

"We ran the ball well," Jenkins said. "Our offensive line is a lot stronger, and our playbook is a lot stronger. I thought those were two big factors Friday night."

Moving into its new on-campus stadium is one of the few fond memories from an 0-9 2017 season. Friday night marked the first time for the Tigers to leave Keith Huntsman Field with a W.

"That was a big achievement," Jenkins said. "It gets old watching other people celebrate on your home field."

After sitting on the edges of their seats for roughly three hours, the fans and student body were as excited as the players.

"Everybody rushed the field," Meyers said. "We're not used to that."

Beekman has won only three games into its four-year varsity history, one of which was a forfeit. Things were starting to look up in 2016 before the Tigers were reclassified from Class 1A to 2A.

Friday's game could serve as a turning point.

"Before Friday night we had not won a game since my freshman year. That's why we're not used to winning," Meyers said. "I think we're going to win a lot more games now that we have found how how much we like it."

Meyers scored the walkoff touchdown in the third overtime from three yards out. Not that he minded doing the honors, but it wasn't about him. It was — and is — about the team.

"Definitely, there's a big difference in our offensive line this year," Meyers said. "Our running game was stout and our defense was stout Friday night. We held them at the end when Michael Bradley picked it.

"We were just a little tired at the end. We have to work on our conditioning."

Meyers' postgame exhaustion was likely more the consequence of playing both ways on a hot, muggy night than inefficient conditioning.

With school closed Monday for Labor Day, the Tigers practiced from 10 a.m. until shortly after noon. The practice was predictably upbeat.

"We felt a lot better in practice today," Meyers said. "Everybody was working hard. It feels great to win."

Junior Dalon Moore, who plays linebacker and splits time with Meyers at fullback, says the Tigers are starting to mature after taking their growing pains as an upstart program.

"It's a lot different this year," Moore said. "Last year, we were mostly sophomores. This year, we are mostly juniors."

Moore says Friday night's victory was the result of the offseason program and improved practice habits.

"Coach (Rob) Perry has been working us to death. You can tell the difference," Moore said. "Everybody on the field was tired, but we kept playing like it was the first play of the game. We weren't giving up on this one. I didn't care if I had to get the ball every play to get in in (the endzone)."

First-year head coach Joey Lee has made some changes since being hired in the spring.

"We have a lot of people playing new positions and we have a new playbook," Moore said. "We're a lot more efficient in practice this year."

From a psychological standpoint, Friday night's win can do nothing but help.

"No doubt, winning against LaSalle is a confidence booster for the Homer game," Moore said. "I feel like we have a lot better chance than I did before the LaSalle game.

"I feel like we have a good season ahead of us."