Bastrop Football Notes

Bastrop will cap its first full week of official practice Saturday afternoon with a preseason scrimmage at Wossman. Starting time is 5:30 p.m.

Second-year head coach Adrian Burnette says the scrimmage is about fine-tuning and working on the little things.

"We want to make sure we're good assignment-wise and that the kids understand what we're looking for," Burnette said. "We're not looking for a lot of big plays per se. We're not going to get caught up in the scoring or lack thereof. What we are looking for is to make sure everybody understands what we are supposed to do on Friday night."

Everybody includes everybody.

"We are going to eat a pregame meal, load the buses and have the manager's set up the sidelines," Burnette said. "The scrimmage is a dress rehearsal for everybody. We want to make sure everybody understands where they fit and where their place is."

SPECIAL TEAMS: Returning to practice Monday from a long weekend, the Rams went through a weight lifting session before taking the field in shorts and shoulder pads. The late afternoon workout was devoted exclusively to special teams.

PADS ON: Wednesday, Aug. 8 marked the Rams' first day in pads.

"The kids are excited to be in pads, but it's still the same things we've been working on," Burnette said. "We're doing the same thing, just putting the pads on."

Burnette says the Rams kept the full contact to a minimum last week.

"It's about safety first," Burnette said. "We went through the process of re-teaching them to tackle and allowing them to get their bodies acclimated to wearing pads again."

LOCK-IN: Bastrop finished out its unofficial workouts with a three-day, two-night lock-in Aug. 2-4. Players reported Thursday, spent two nights, and left early Saturday afternoon.

"I want us to get back to knowing and understanding football," Burnette said. "There were to things I was trying to do. First of all, I wanted to bring the kids in here for two or three days and get their minds focused on football. Secondly, it was about camaraderie, team building and team bonding among the players and coaching staff."

Burnette says the objectives of the camp were achieved.

"The days were long and it was hot, but I truly feel like we accomplished what we needed to accomplish," Burnette said. "There were no mishaps, and the kids ate well and practiced well. We ended every night with an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) meeting. We tried to cover every phase of the student-athlete."

Burnette came up with the idea of the lock-in after the Rams hosted a mini-camp for incoming freshmen at Delta. Freshmen from Delta and Morehouse Junior High, the Rams' two feeder programs, participated in the spring camp.

"(The lock-in) kind of goes in line with what we did with the eighth-graders," Burnette said. "The more you can get people on the same page and get them to understand what we're looking for, the better off we'll be on Friday nights."

BAYOU JAMB: Bastrop will make its final preseason appearance in the Bayou Jamb at ULM on Friday, August 24.

The complete Bayou Jamb Schedule:

Friday, Aug. 24 — St. Frederick vs Jonesboro-Hodge, 6 p.m.; Sterlington vs. Bastrop, 8 p.m.

Saturday, Aug. 25 — Jena vs. Ouachita Christian, 1 p.m.; Mangham vs. Oak Grove, 3 p.m.; Ouachita vs. Ruston, 5 p.m.; Neville vs. West Monroe, 7 p.m.