Bastrop Senior Q & A

Bastrop officially opens preseason camp Monday.

Quarterback Quaterius Hawkins, running back Kyrese Lawrence, strong safety C.J. Mullins and free safety Phillip Jackson shared their thoughts on their upcoming senior season following a Thursday morning conditioning session.

Hawkins is the reigning District 2-4A Offensive MVP, while Lawrence, Mullins and Jackson all earned first-team All-District accolades last season.

Bastrop will see its first preseason action in the Wossman scrimmage on Saturday, Aug. 18.


BDE: What was the most fun part of your summer?

C.J. Mullins: I went to a water park in Baton Rouge, and went to camps at Northwestern State, ULM and McNeese.

Quaterius Hawkins: I went on dates, went to the movies and went out to eat.

As for football, I went to camp at McNeese, Northwestern State, Louisiana Tech and Arkansas Tech.

Phillip Jackson: I went to camp at ULM, Arkansas Tech, Northwestern State and McNeese to try to get some recruiting exposure. A lot of people are showing interest, but nobody has offered.

Kyrese Lawrence: I went on a trip to Delhi, and we stayed in the cabins on Lake Poverty Point. I caught two catfish, but the rest of the family was snatching them up. All the luck was on them, I guess.


BDE: What is the biggest improvement we can expect to see in your individual game this season?

Mullins: My coverage is going to be way better because I have my footwork together now. Coverage was my weakness because didn't really have any feet. And I know the game better now.

Hawkins: I'm going to run more this year. My footwork has gotten better and I've gotten stronger.

Jackson: I'm faster and my coverage has gotten better.

Lawrence: I've gotten better all around. I'm bigger, faster and stronger. I can run through people now instead of having to go around them.


BDE: Which teammate is going to be the biggest surprise this season?

Mullins: Our quarterback, Quaterius Hawkins, has improved a lot this year.

I would say the person who is going to be the biggest surprise on defense is Phillip Jackson. He had a good year last year, but he's going to shock the world this year.

Hawkins: A.J. Fenceroy at wide receiver and Jabez Thompson at cornerback. They're both fast. People are underestimating them, and they think they have something to prove.

Jackson: Jabez Thompson, Jordan Mansfield, Robert McDaniel and A.J. Fenceroy. We've been working all summer, and I've seen them improve a lot. I know all four of them are going to bring a lot to the table this year.

Lawrence: Jordan Mansfield. Nobody knew about him, now he's on the field for us. He's improved his game tremendously over the summer. We don't have Quan (SirQuan Hawkins) anymore, and we need somebody to fill that spot. I think it's safe to say Jordan is going to do it.


BDE: Which game are you most looking forward to?

Mullins: Carver because last year we lost to them first and last. They have to come here the first game, and it's going to be payback this year.

Hawkins: Carver and Neville. Carver because they beat us twice last year, and Neville because I can't remember the last time we beat them.

Jackson: We have to beat Neville and end their district championship streak. I was 7 years old the last time Bastrop beat Neville.

Lawrence: Every game is big, not just Carver and Neville. Carver may be first on our minds, but every game is important. This is my last time to play everybody on the schedule, so I want to win them all.