Sterlington Lady Panthers Team Camp

Continuing summer basketball play, Sterlington went 3-2 in its own Lady Panthers Team Camp on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sterlington won all three of Tuesday's games over Bastrop (26-23), Union Parish (36-20) and Homer (33-21) before dropping both of Wednesday's outings to Mangham (45-28) and West Ouachita (33-25).

Michaela Waters scored 16 points and Kaela Mullins 15 against Union. Game stats were not available for the Bastrop and Homer contests.

Mangham's T'Aira Haynes proved unstoppable in Wednesday's early game, funneling home 23 points. Janiya Colvin chipped in 10 for the Lady Dragons, followed by Broderica Hicks with four and Raci Dallas, Karnessia Winn, Ke'Amber Young and Alasia Hicks with two.

Waters was high scorer for the Lady Panthers with 13. Breanna Logan had seven, Kaela Mullins four, and McKenzie Green and Calla Jones two apiece.

Jayla Stewart was high scorer for the Lady Panthers vs. West Ouachita with 10. Also contributing to the scoring were Ashleigh Davis with eight, Waters with five and Logan with two. Green pulled a team-high seven rebounds.

Mullins played sparingly in the Mangham game and sat out the West Ouachita tilt altogether due to a shoulder injury.

"It was hurting her before we started today," Sterlington coach Caroline Oliphant said of Mullins' injury. "It's summer, so why risk it? I don't know if she tweaked it (Tuesday) or what."

As is often the case in the summer, the Lady Panthers have seldom played at full strength due to vacations, jobs, etc.

"We haven't had our full squad since last Monday (June 4) at West Ouachita," Oliphant said.

Sterlington has a 5-4 record for the summer.

In what has become a pattern, the Lady Panthers have been successful in the half court game while struggling against the press. Other than the West Ouachita game, the Lady Panthers' losses were at the hands of teams that applied full court pressure.

"We have been pretty disciplined in the half court," Oliphant said. "When we penetrate the zone and do what we are supposed to do, we get good shots. The main thing right now is staying disciplined. We have to learn to take what the defense gives us, but we can't let the defense dictate what we do. When that has happened, we have lost those games."

In the Lady Panthers' defense, they are in the midst of a transition phase. Oliphant, who was hired from Beekman, took over at the end of the school year.

"We've had less than 10 practices, and put in maybe three percent of our playbook," Oliphant said. "They have to adjust to my style of play and a new playbook."

Aside from a controlled scrimmage Thursday at West Ouachita, the Lady Panthers will spend the next two weeks in regular practices.

Oliphant is hoping the West Ouachita scrimmage will provide some answers in handling the press.

"We're throwing the ball around (against the press) and not getting in the right spots," Oliphant said. "In a controlled scrimmage, we can stop and talk about it. I can say, 'We should have been there, and not here.' Other than the games, we haven't had a lot of practice against the press."

Oliphant says she will stress two specific points over the next two weeks.

"We are going to work on, No. 1 taking care of the basketball, and No. 2 blocking out," Oliphant said.

For now, the objective is to get better every day.

"I feel like they are responding," Oliphant said. "It's going to take some time. We're just going through an adjustment period right now."