If anyone has heard stories of aptly colorful Cub Scout banquets and never really understood what all the buzz was about, this information is for them.

So what is a blue and gold banquet? Here’s what Scouting.org has to say: Most Cub Scouts celebrate Scouting Anniversary Week in February with a “birthday party” called the blue and gold banquet… It brings families together for an evening of fun and cheer. It’s often the pack meeting for February or March. Blue and gold banquets are a tradition within packs, celebrating the leaders and parents who volunteer to make Cub Scouting fantastic. Sometimes former pack members return to blue and gold banquets. Often special Scouting or community leaders are invited to attend or speak to Cub Scouts in attendance. Some packs also use the banquet as a chance to celebrate the accomplishments of Scouts, themselves. A pack meeting can be used to host a blue and gold banquet. But sometimes the banquet is a separate event. One misconception is that blue and gold banquets are intended to celebrate the Boy Scouts of America’s birthday (Feb. 8). And while the BSA’s birthday may be an additional reason to host the banquet, the theme of the day is celebrating the pack’s anniversary and everyone involved in making Scouting possible for members of the pack. There’s no lack of clarity on this, however: blue and gold banquets, from small to large, bring on creative decor, exciting entertainment, and delicious food. The months of planning that go into a successful blue and gold banquet are the perfect time to scour Pinterest and Instagram for kids’ party inspiration.

The Cub Scout Pack 323-Bastrop had their 2019 Blue & Gold Celebration on March 18th, Monday. The theme this year was "A Minute To Win It!" The theme was just a hint on time and how it swiftly passes especially when you are having fun. And that's what being in Cub Scout Pack 323-Bastrop is all about in every Den. The decor was posted through out the room with messages like "My, how time flies!", "Time Well Spent is Time Spent With Family!", "The Time YOU Enjoy Wasting is not Wasted!", "It's Always The Right Time To Do The Right Thing!", and "All Good Things Take Time!".

Each Den Leader was recognized for their leadership in the volunteer capacity within which they functioned. The Den Leaders as well as their assistants were presented with a silver key chain that read, "Behind Every Good Cub Scout is A Great LEADER!". Mrs. Hinson, Committee Chair, explained to the families, "There is no way that my husband and I could pull off the many things that these volunteers, our Den Leaders do. We have met some firsts this year. We began taking "5" year olds in our program with the LION Den. Also we, as a Cub Scout Pack, have begun taking in girls for the very first time in Cub Scout history period. For the first time under our leadership, each den had a Den Leader and an assistant who both were vetted and trained through the protocol of our charter organization, First Presbyterian Church here in Bastrop and with our Louisiana Purchase Council out of Monroe."

The evening began with the Pledge of Allegiance and a blessing over the food lead by a Cub Scout. Then the Dens sat down together to eat the food that the families brought:ham and cheese sliders, turkey sandwiches, vegetable platters, fruit platters, cookies, and Blue&Gold Cupcakes.

Next the awards, adventure loops, and ranks were passed out to each den.

Finally ending the evening with fun and games was on the agenda. The first game was "The Pink Elephant" game. The challenge was having each Cub Scout take a turn trying to balance a PINK Slinky that was velcroed to their foreheads on their foreheads giving the look of an elephant trunk as it would swing from side to side. Of course, it was a timed event and each Cub Scout laughed and tried to achieve the objective. For those that met the challenge a Pink Elephant as a prize was awarded.

The next game which was the finale of the evening was "A Minute To Win It". Each Den was sitting together at their own table and each Scout was given 30 seconds to unwind a ball of prizes, candy, and even dollar bills with cellophane before passing the ball to the next scout allowing them a turn. There was so much encouraging to hurry, hurry, hurry as well as laughing that the Scouts didn't want the evening to end. And neither did the adults. And that's what Cub Scouts should be about...FUN and Learning.

The Cub Scout Pack 323-Bastrop will now be meeting only once a month to continue having fun through ball season as a lot of the Cub Scouts also play soft ball or baseball. In April the Cub Scouts will enjoy a movie and popcorn, in May the Cub Scouts will build a rocket and launch the rockets, in June the Cub Scouts will host a Raingutter Regatta event, racing one another, in July the Cub Scouts will have an opportunity to have a water hopper to cool down and perhaps fireworks, and in August the Cub Scout Pack plans to have a back to school party.

Should anyone have a child or grandchild that you would like to enroll in Cub Scouting, open registration is every September and an invitation will be sent home to you in your child's papers sent from their school. Those interested may also call and talk to Debra Hinson at 318-282-1225.