The Morehouse Jr High campus is one of the oldest in Bastrop, and in in order to help preserve its history and promote student pride, Keep Morehouse Beautiful and Drax Biomass, along with a few other volunteers, organized a clean up of the front of the campus on March 22, 2019.

The idea for the cleanup started when Drax Biomass contacted Vickie Carpenter of Keep Morehouse Beautiful.

“The plant manager from Drax called KMB and wanted to do a cleanup project,” said Carpenter. “We decided we wanted to do something for the school system.”

Keep Morehouse Beautiful, Drax Biomass, the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office, and other organizations decided to come together to refurbish the Morehouse Junior Campus. They are focusing on cleaning up the front of the building.

“We are going to pressure wash the brickwork, remove dead and overgrown shrubs, and prune some as well,” explained Carpenter.

They also hope to bring more prominence to the history of the school. There is a marker on the campus explaining its history and founding in 1916. The volunteers plan to place brickwork around it. Morehouse Jr. High Principal Marilyn Taylor believes its history deserves to be recognized.

“This is a very historic school, and it needs that spotlight,” she commented.

She also believes the cleanup will be very beneficial to the students.

“It is about school pride and keeping the campus clean,” she noted.

Drax had a number of plant workers come out to help. From 1:00 to 4:00 several volunteers removed overgrown shrubs from the front of the building, pressure washed the brickwork, and completed other necessary cleanup tasks. They hope to make the school a brighter place and plan to continue with their work.

“We plan on doing more at this and other locations,” said Drax Communication's Officer Annmarie Sartor.

Keep Morehouse Beautiful, Drax, and the other organizations volunteering seemed happy to help and hope to continue brightening up the city of Bastrop for those who live in the community.