Director Daniell Nelson, a native of Bastrop, has recently released his first feature length film.

Nelson grew up in Bastrop, a place he describes as “the artist’s training grounds.” He said that growing up, he gained an appreciation for all forms of art — including visual arts and music— and Bastrop was the place where he first began honing his talent. When Nelson was in his late teens, his family relocated to Atlanta where he submerged himself in the arts and culture.

“It was crazy, very busy,” Nelson said. “It was crazy in terms of so much going on. You go from somewhere like Bastrop with a population of maybe 20,000 to a place with a population of around 4 million. It was overwhelming. It opened my eyes up to a lot of opportunities that I didn’t have in Bastrop.”

Since then, Nelson has spent years learning about the entertainment industry — working as a independent music and film producer in Atlanta. His first taste of commercial success came with his short film “The Less,” which was picked up by Shorts HD, a satellite movie channel for short films.

His latest film, “Law of Sin,” is an urban adventure about boys who take money from a loan shark and blow it. The film took about six months of actual filming time over a time period of a year to finish.

“The main message behind the film is that sometimes you’ve just got to have faith in God and not try to find a quick way to get things done,” Nelson said.

Nelson attributed this message for other young filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers.

“Just have faith in God,” Nelson said. “Have faith in Him with the vision He blesses you with. I know people say you want to make the big money, but you don’t have to compromise yourself.”

“Law of Sin,” starring Tamicka Scruggs and Illya Vasilievis, is currently available for purchase or rental on Amazon Instant Video.

As for future productions, Nelson said he is already working on a second feature length film —a portion of which will take place in the jungle. Nelson will be traveling today to the Dominican Republic to get some of that footage.