Daniell Nelson, an Atlanta filmmaker and former local, has recently released his new film, “Far from God.”

Nelson began his life in Bastrop, and his family later moved to Atlanta where he now resides.

He began to take an interest in filmmaking later in life.

“I was in the music industry and started shooting music videos,” he noted. “One day I was bored and started playing around with my camera and ended up making a short film.”

His previous work includes a short film called “The Less,” and a feature-length film called “The Law of Sin.”

“Far from God” is his third filmmaking endeavor and second feature length film. Parts of it were filmed in Atlanta as well as the Dominican Republic. It was recently released though filming was completed some time ago.

“We finished it a year back, but I was working on another film so I shelved it,” he said.

The film focuses on a serial killer on the loose and two couples.

“There is a serial killer on the loose in the city abducting people,” explained Nelson. “Two couples, one from Atlanta and one coming into Atlanta, get lost and are trying to get back together.”

Nelson noted that the film also focuses on the consequences of decisions people make.

“The characters are suffering from the consequences of the choices they make,” he said.

Through this film Nelson said he is trying to send the message that every action has a reaction.

“I'm trying to let people know about the consequences of their decisions, and I want people to have a realistic view that we can't just going around doing people wrong and expect to get away with it,” he said. “This film is just designed to wake people up.”

“Far from God” is out now on Amazon and is available for free with Amazon Prime.