The Morehouse Parish Police Jury discussed pothole repairs at their monthly meeting on Monday, March 11.

Jury members noted how bad the potholes are and the fact that patches used to repair them get washed away in the rain. Police Jury President Terry Matthews urged the Jury to take some sort of action at the meeting.

“We're going to have to step out in faith to purchase some kind of equipment for these potholes in the parish because it is getting worse,” he said.

The Jury talked about the options of buying a tack trailer, emulsion tank, and pothole patcher.

Jury Secretary/Treasurer Shasidee Phillips noted that a K2 tack kettle would cost $17,199 on a state contract. The city recently received a LACAP Grant of $11,560 which would pay some, leaving the Jury to pay $5,639.

A tank would be needed to store the emulsion used to fill the holes. According to Phillips, a 3000 gallon tank would be around $45,450 and a 5000 gallon tank would cost $54,000. She noted this is based on expired prices she received last year.

The Jury also discussed the purchase of a pothole patcher truck or trailer.

Jury member Norwood Harrison noted that a truck would cover more area than a trailer.

“A trailer would cover less than 1/3 of the area a truck would,” he explained.

Phillips noted that the cost of a trailer would be $68,975. A truck would have to be purchased in two parts: the back end and the truck to pull it with. Both together would be around $230,000.

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Amy Lebrun informed the Jury that the trailer would be the more affordable purchase.

A motion was made to purchase the tack trailer and material needed to start repairing potholes with the tack in it. Another motion was made to look into leasing a pothole patcher truck.

The Jury also discussed repairing potholes in Collinston. The Collinston Mayor asked for the Jury to provide the equipment on agreement that Collinston would provide the materials. The motion passed.

The Mayor of Bonita came before the Jury to ask for help with a problem on Bonne Idee Road. He said that water has been backing up possibly because of a beaver dam under the nearby bridge. He asked for a drone to be brought out to get a better look as to what the problem is. He also asked for equipment to do some street repairs. The Jury agreed to his request.

Roy Hughes was on the agenda to give an update on the Bussey Brake Project but was not able to attend. Phillips informed the Jury that he'd wanted to mention that there will be a meeting about the progress of Bussey Brake at the Visitors Center on Tuesday, March 26 at 7:00.

The Jury also approved a Proclamation for the month of April to be declared Fair Housing Month.

Natt Little asked that the Jury send a letter to the Governor asking for assistance from the National Guard to clear a canal behind Bussey Break.

“It drains thousands of acres of land,” he said. “That thing is so jammed up with logs.”

The jury approved the request and Jury President Matthews said that the letter would be written.

Doug Caldwell discussed hiring an engineer for the Public Works Department.

“He will work between the Highway Department and Solid Waste Department,” said Caldwell.

The engineer selected is James Stacey Smith. The jury agreed to hire him at $15 an hour.