Boiling Point, a restaurant serving fresh crawfish and more, is returning to Bastrop under the ownership of Matt Spikes and Ryan White.

The Boiling Point was formerly operated in Bastrop by Paul Eikert. Upon its return the restaurant will be run by Ryan White, a professional cook, and Matt Spikes, a business investor, with help from Eikert.

“We'll have some guidance from Eikert with his original recipes,” said Spikes.

Besides crawfish, they are going to serve shrimp and other items such as potatoes, corn, and possibly boudin.

“We plan to sell live crawfish by the order, but there won't be a ton,” said Spikes.

White, who is passionate about cooking, will be the head chef. He has worked in restaurants in Alberta, Canada and Natchez, Mississippi.

“I've cooked in commercial kitchens for 18 years,” he said.

The restaurant is family oriented and no alcohol will be served. It is a family run business.

“Between us, our wives, and our daughters it will be family owned and operated,” said White.

The Boiling Point will be located at 1930 North Washington. As of now the building is still being prepared.

It will only be open through crawfish season, but Spikes and White plan to bring it back next year as well.

White and Spikes both look forward to opening the restaurant. For White, the restaurant is a reminder of his childhood.

“It's personal for me because as a kid my dad had a shrimp boat, and he and I would sell crawfish and shrimp on the side of the road,” he said. “I get to do something I loved as a boy which is pretty cool.”

Spikes and White will be opening the doors shortly and invite everyone to come out, have a good time, and try some of their boiled crawfish. The opening date will be announced soon.