The Bear Den of Cub Scout Pack 323-Bastrop on February 9th, made a Adventure Loop Display Rack under the capable leadership of Russell and Amy Jones, Bear Den Leaders.

Mr. Brian Greenwood of Greenwood Custom Cabinets allowed the group full use of his facility to allow them the experience of working in a "kid friendly" environment. The tables are of sound construction and are lowered to accommodate the height of each Cub Scout. The Cub Scouts in the Bear Den are in the third grade, averaging about 48-50 inches tall. The belt loop displays will be used to showcase the Cub Scouts hard work by showing the variety of loops each Cub Scout earned this year. The Bears are comprised of 6 Cub Scouts, 4 boys and 2 girls. The Scouts had the opportunity to earn their BALOO THE BUILDER award once their project was complete. "We would like to thank Mr. Greenwood of Greenwood Custom Cabinets for allowing us to use his fine building. Our Cub Scouts were given the opportunity to see a lot of the heavy duty woodworking equipment they probably would not have had, had it not been for Mr. Greenwood's generosity.

Learning to work with wood to create fun and useful items is a good skill for anyone to have. This adventure will expose the Bear Scout to the safe and proper use of hand tools, how to determine the correct type of wood for a project, and how to construct an item. The adventure also offers a good opportunity to bring parents of the Scouts or other adults with woodworking skills into the den setting, asking them to help with some of the technical aspects. This adventure can also serve as an introduction to the Boy Scout Woodworking merit badge offered.

The take aways for each Cub Scout in the Bear Den are:

*Working with wood to create a project

* Understanding basic tools and tool safety

*Learning some basics about project planning (selecting a project, evaluating what is needed, choosing the proper type of wood, etc.)

*Using math skills while measuring

*Showing creativity and artistic skills with the final project

*A Scout is trustworthy and helpful are the two Scout Laws that each Bear will learn.

If anyone is interested in allowing their child to join Cub Scouts in Bastrop just call Debra Hinson at 318-282-1225. Leave a message and Mrs. Hinson will return your call in a timely manner.