The State Legislative Auditor recently listed Bastrop’s 2018 Audit as non-compliant as it wasn’t completed by the deadline, and Mayor Cotton, having asked for an extension, finished it on March 7, 2019.

The audit was due December 31, and without an audit a city cannot receive state funding.

According to Mayor Cotton, the reason for the audit being incomplete at deadline was the short amount of time he was given to complete it.

“They gave me this stuff three days before it was due,” he said. “There was absolutely no way I could do this in three days.”

Mayor Cotton said that for days he has been collecting data and records. He noted he has been very thorough.

“I have all of these spreadsheets and comparisons and I had to pull records,” he noted. “These are not just yes or no answers to me, and I’m going to be very transparent.

The document itself is numerous pages long with imbedded spreadsheets. Mayor Cotton said he and his staff have been combing data and researching for some, He noted they have tried to lay out the information in a straightforward manner.

“It will be easy to read for the auditor and the public,” he explained.

Mayor Cotton noted he had asked for an extension and has kept the state informed of the progress of the audit.

Cotton said the audit was submitted on Friday.

“The Administration’s response to the 2018 audit findings was submitted to the City Clerk on Friday,” he said. “The Clerk will forward the response to the City’s current auditor for submission to the Legislative Auditor.”