The Northeast Louisiana Arts Council recently received a grant to do an oral history including a segment with Louisiana artist Don Cincone, and part of the segment was filmed at the Snyder Museum on Wednesday, March 6.

Cincone was born in Alto, Louisiana and later moved to Monroe where he attended Carroll High School. He went on to receive a Bachelor's degree in Art from Southern University. It seems to him art has always been a part of his life.

“I've never not been interested in art,” he said. “I've never not been able to or not wanted to draw.”

Cincone joined the Navy after graduation and toured Europe where, during breaks, he studied art in many countries.

“I've studied in several places: Denmark, Zurich, Belgium, Paris, Italy,” he noted.

His paintings have been in the collections of notable people such as Walt Disney, and he was even commissioned to paint 85 paintings for the film “The Art of Love.” He has been a church minister as well.

Many of his paintings are still-life and modernist landscape. They sometimes draw from religious imagery or his own life. He credits God as giving him inspiration when he works.

“All inspiration is of God,” he said.

The Northeast Louisiana Council of the Arts received a grant from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities to film an Oral History of Cincone documenting all of his paintings and interviewing him about the stories behind them.

“He's an original internationally known painter from Northeast Louisiana so we wanted to document his history for posterity,” said NLCA president Barry Stevens. “People will have access to it on the NLCA website along with other information.”

Cincone was interviewed at the Snyder by art curator Kay LaFrance-Knight about several pieces. One of the pieces discussed was “Red Pears and Cotton,” which was donated to the Snyder by Cincone in 1989.

“It is an oil painting and part of the permanent collection,” said Snyder Board President Sarah Green.

The Snyder Museum was proud to show off its Cincone Painting, and pleased to be a part of documenting the history of one of Louisiana's local artists.