Bastrop High offers an oil and gas production safety technology course for seniors, and on Monday, January 22, ten students took and passed the oil and gas certification exam in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The oil and gas production safety technology course is governed by American Petroleum Institution and sponsored by J. Schneider and Associates. It is available to seniors who will be at least 18 years old by summer and Bastrop High’s program is one of the only ones in the area.

“We are the only program north of Alexandria,” stated principal Christopher Broussard.

The course allows students to become certified oil and gas production operators, and the company the school works with helps students find jobs after graduation. Ten students have chosen to take the course this year, and Broussard noted that it is a very beneficial career path for some.

“They can see that this program will render them employable quicker than college, and not everyone has the luxury of waiting four to five years to get a job,” he commented.

The class has two phases: production and safety, and an exam is taken after each one. The exam the students took in January was the first.

“It is very rigorous,” said instructor coach Harrison Tribbles.” There is a lot of content these students have to learn.”

This year ten students from Bastrop High took the exam in Lafayette and all passed. No one scored less than a 92, and one student earned a perfect score. In fact, as a group, the students achieved the highest scores in the state. They are all now certified production operators.

“I'm very proud of them,” said Tribble. “For them to come back with the results that they have is a result of their hard work.”

Tribbles says the students taking the course are hard working young men and that the course has been very beneficial to the students in teaching them more about hard work and building their character.

“They are a great group of young men, and they are ready to learn,” he said. “They have demonstrated a whole new change in their development, character, and demeanor.”

Tribbles noted that he feels a special bond with the young men and is proud of what they've accomplished. They are now moving into phase two and preparing for the next exam. He says they intend to keep working hard so the young men will do as well on the second exam to take place April 19.

“We will continue to push them,” he said.

Tribbles and Bastrop High are proud of these young men and hope they continue working hard to meet their career goals into the future.