Morehouse Parish Schools were recently consolidated, and on Thursday, February 14, the schools held the first parent-teacher conferences since the consolidation took place.

Morehouse Magnet, Delta, Morehouse Jr. High, and Bastrop High welcomed parents to come in, talk to teachers, and see some of their children's work.

“It's a good opportunity for parents to talk to teachers and see what their kids are doing,” said Superintendent David Gray who took the time to look in on the various schools.

Schools were filled with parents conversing with teachers about their children's studies and progress. The Instructional Facilitator at Delta was happy with the number of parents who came out to their event.

“I'm very happy with the participation,” she commented. “We had a good turnout.”

Superintendent Gray and the teachers were happy to see so many parents participate in the conferences and hope to make good progress with the students for the rest of the school year.