On Friday, February 8, a third grader from Morehouse Magnet School brought a gun onto the premises, and parents, uninformed of the situation of the school, are upset. 

On the morning of Friday, February 8, a third grader brought a gun into a classroom. The acting principal handled the situation taking the gun and calling the police. The gun was not loaded, so the children were never in any danger. 

Parents were understandably concerned, but what made them most upset was the fact that the school failed to call and inform them of the situation.

“As parents we should have been notified immediately after the fact,” said one parent. “They had all day to tell us something before kids came home telling it.”

They are angry as they feel the situation was handled improperly.

“My daughter goes to Morehouse Magnet,” noted one parent. “They didn't put the school on lockdown, and my daughter didn't even know anything happened.” 

Several furious parents informed KNOE and also went to the school board looking for answers. 

Superintendent Gray apologized for not calling parents and informing them of the incident. 

It has been noted that the School Board recently discussed adding to the weapons policy a procedure for contacting parents after an incident such as this occurs.