The Morehouse Parish Students of the Year were recognized Tuesday night at the February meeting of the Morehouse Parish School Board.

Cori Guice, fifth grade student at Morehouse Magnet School, Jalen Kennedy, eighth grade student at Morehouse Magnet School and Alyssa McKenzie, twelfth grade student at Beekman Charter School, were presented certificates by MPSB Superintendent David Gray. They will advance to the regional competition, which are being held today, February 7.

The Board voted to take the necessary action to extend the Morehouse Magnet School’s grade configuration, adding one year for the next four years, making the school kindergarten through twelfth grade. This action was requested by Superintendent Gray and discussion showed that there are many parents taking their Magnet School children out of the system once they leave the eighth grade. Extending the school to the ninth grade for the 2019 -2020 school year and one year each consecutive year will allow those students to remain at the Magnet School or attend Bastrop High School if they so desire.