Winners were announced as the Place' Aux Dames Civic & Social Club, Inc. Commemorated the Life and Vision of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., at St. John, MBC, Bastrop, LA, Rev. Steven R. Conley, Pastor.

The program featured Holli' Conway, the Reigning Miss Louisiana as the guest speaker. She spoke on the theme "Unity" and was presented with a Commendation from State Representative Katrina R. Jackson, District 16; Mrs. Kathy Johnson-Lenard presented the commendation on behalf of Representative Jackson.

The Commemoration program revealed the results of the Oratorical Contest held in conjunction with the program. The winning students (All students are from Bastrop)were: Grade 4 was Seneca Battle, Jr. (New Visions Academy) on the topic “Turning from Racism”; Grades 5 & 6 was Taryn Green (2nd Place, Beekman Charter School) and Ivery Caleb Caldwell (1st Place, Morehouse Magnet School) on the Topic: "Love Your Enemy". Grades 7-9 were Bradford Winston (2nd Place, Bastrop High School) and Alyssa Dismuke (1st Place, St. Fredricks Catholic School) on the Topic: Don't Hate, Heal". Grades 10-12 were Cedric Winston (2nd Place, Bastrop High School) and Gwyneth Edwards (1st Place, Bastrop High School). All WINNERS received trophies with medallions being presented to all students entering the contest and include Jake Duke (New Vision Learning Academy), Faith Sheppard (Neville High School) and Angel Sheppard (J. S. Clark Magnet School), Mi'Kaya Lollie (Beekman Charter School), and Malachi Mays (Morehouse Elementary School). Prince Ella Williams made the Medallion presentations and Dr. Tonya Hawkins made the trophy presentations.

Mrs. Kathy Johnson-Lenard, (MLK committee member) termed the event a success and extends a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who helped to make the program a success; especially the MLK program committee and the faithful members of the Place' Aux Dames Civic and Social Club. With special thanks to the guest speaker, Miss Louisiana - Holli' Conway, the oratorical contest participants, program participants, ushers (the Gentlemen of Club 21), the vocalists, the pianist (Mrs. Mary Faye Watkins), the Reverend Steven R. Conley and the St. John MBC family, and last but certainly not least the community for supporting the event and the youth.

The event occurs annually with all participants receiving recognition for their participation in the oratorical contest. Mrs. LaVerne Conley serves as the President of the Place’ Aux Dames Civic & Social Club and Ms. Grace A. Reese serves as the chairperson for the MLK Program Committee.

A beautiful program, with royalty, speeches, and beautiful music, honoring the life and vision of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968).