Locals have had quite a few concerns about the railroad tracks near Cherry Ridge Road, and according to Councilman Robert Shaw, they are set to be repaired.

The repairs are to start Friday, February 1 and go through to Sunday, February 3. During this time, traffic at the four-way stop on McCreight will be diverted.

According to Shaw, the Department of Transportation and Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi Railroad are going to repair the crossing. Supplies are on site, and a contractor has been hired as well.

“A contractor from AL&M will be doing the work,” said Shaw.

Shaw is glad the repairs are in the works and said it has taken some time to set them up.

“We've been working on this for two years,” he explained. “It took a long time to get approved.”

According to Shaw the repairs are very much needed as the railroad has caused damage to a number of vehicles. Shaw noted that the Sheriff has received numerous complaints.

“They are just in a bad state,” he commented. “The tracks cause damage especially to tires and the front ends of vehicles.”

Shaw noted that the substructure is bad and various repairs will be made on that front.

“It must be re-leveled and re-gauged,” he said.

Shaw is thankful the repairs are finally taking place and believes it will be of great benefit to the community.