Bastrop has seen its fair share of winter weather, including ice, but the most extreme winter weather was the freezing of Bussey Brake which occurred this week in 1984.

Because of freezing temperatures in late December and early January of 1984, Bussey Brake froze and was covered in eight to ten inches of ice. This was the first time Bussey Brake had ever been frozen over completely.

Locals were quite impressed with the site, and many threw rocks to test the surface. The rocks, many of which weighed ten pounds, did nothing to break through the ice. People took to riding three-wheelers, sleds, and other vehicles across the frozen water. One local, Aaron Meredith, even went ice fishing.

Then-sheriff Wandall Coody advised locals to stay off the ice as it could be dangerous. He noted a case in south Louisiana where a young boy drowned after falling through the ice on a frozen lake.

Bussey has only frozen once since, and though it is closed at this time, the unique happening will forever be an interesting part in the town's history.