In an effort to provide an enjoyable fishing experience for local children, senior citizens, and handicapped individuals, Bastrop created a trout fishing program at East Madison Park, the start of which was reported in the Enterprise this week in 1990.

Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries had 1000 rainbow trout transported to Bastrop and released into the East Madison Park pool on Saturday, December 15, 1990, and people were aloud to fish that day. Locals had to purchase a fishing license and trout stamp to participate.

Nineteen people signed up that day and used poles, small hooks, corn, marshmallows, and monofilament. Unfortunately there was no success as not a single fish was caught.

People still found ways to have fun however. One father, who stood near an area filled with many trout was able to reach in, pet a trout, and catch it with his hands releasing it soon after.

Monday, Janice Little of Wildlife and Fisheries brought catfish pellets and taught Jacob Orrels, Assistant Parks and Recreation Director, how to feed them.

The Enterprise announced another fishing day would take place Thursday, December 27. Food would be withheld two days before in an effort to get the fish hungry and ready to take the fishermen's bait. It was also reported that 2000 more rainbow trout would be added in January.

The East Madison Park pool is still there, but it is no longer home to trout. Even so the park's fishing days certainly remain a unique memory from Bastrop's history.