On December 18, 2018, agents received information from Louisiana State Police of a suspicious package being delivered to 220 Northwood Dr. by UPS.

Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Narcotics Agents arrived at this residence right after the package was delivered. Narcotics agents made contact with John Mitchell Jr as he was picking up and taking the package inside his residence. Agents noticed a strong odor commonly associated with Marijuana coming from inside the residence.

John Mitchell was advised of his rights and agents asked for permission to search his residence. Mitchell gave consent for the search.

During the search agents located approximately 260 grams of loose suspected marijuana and a Hi Point pistol. Located in a separate room was another 5,586 grams of suspected marijuana, in the package that UPS had just delivered. Mitchell said that package was his. Several packages similar to the one that was delivered the day of the arrest were also discovered.

Mitchell was arrested and charged with Possession of Schedule I (Marijuana) with intent to distribute, (12.9 lbs.), possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a firearm while in control of controlled dangerous substances.