The medical history of Morehouse Parish is long and fascinating, and to preserve this history local J. A. Michaud recorded it in a book which was reported on this week in 1989.

Michaud took on the project of writing the book after being asked by the Snyder Museum's Historical Society.Written over the span of two years, it took much meticulous research including conversations with family members, friends and descendants of Morehouse doctors.

Michaud's book included histories of each doctor, lifestyle from the early 1800s to the late 1900s, progress in the medical profession and technology, and the history of schools, agriculture, and dress. She also gives the history of Morehouse General Hospital and the Morehouse Medical Society

The book notes that early doctors, having no offices, visited patients at their houses. It also describes their methods for making pills, such as working molasses and quinine into dough which was then rolled into pill size.

The book was presented to the Historical Society on November 31 and placed on top of a medical instrument cabinet formerly owned by Doctor J.N Jones.

The Historical Society was thankful for Michaud's work and pleased that an important part of Morehouse history would be available for future generations.