On Thursday, November 15, the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office, the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office received some information that led to the seizure of a sizable amount of drugs and the arrest of a local man.

The tip involved a male staying at the Country Inn who drove an old red car with black stripes and dealt a lot of narcotics. He was also said to have a large amount of cash.

On Friday, November 16, agents watched the motel waiting for the car to leave. They followed the car noticing the individual swap from the right to the left lane without using a blinker. Agents also observed that the vehicle had antique tags as well as a temp tag in the back window.

On the corner of Texas and Garfield, agents stopped the car asking for the driver's license and paperwork. Producing a Louisiana ID card he identified himself as Aaron Fowler.

Fowler stated he had bought the car from Ray Waller who told him he could use the tags that were on the car and gave him a temporary tag. Agents noted Fowler was very nervous and continuously reaching into the car.

After receiving consent to search, officers went through the vehicle finding over $26,000 in a black jacket, nine hydrocodone pills, three ecstasy pills, 0.9 grams of powder cocaine, 0.3 grams of crack cocaine, 9.9 grams of meth, and a pipe commonly used to smoke meth and cocaine.

After being informed of his rights, Fowler was transported to the parish jail. He was charged with possession of schedule II cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of schedule II meth with intent to distribute, possession of schedule II hydrocodone with intent to distribute, possession of schedule I ecstasy with intent to distribute, and possession of drug paraphernalia.