There was a special guest at Wednesday’s DeRidder Lions Club Meeting. Andrew Johnson visited the club alongside Angela Mudd.

Mudd was representing God’s Food Box and she thanked the Lions Club for all the work they do in the community and support they give God’s Food Box.

“This certificate is to recognize all you do for God’s Food Box, and the help you give to the entire community,” said Mudd.

Johnson was introduced and Mudd told the club about his background. Johnson struggled his entire life with vision and the Lions Club reached out to help him.

Johnson needed surgery to remove cataracts he has been plagued with his entire life, and the DeRidder Lions Club answered the call.

Johnson had no vision insurance, so the club paid for him to have the cataracts removed.

“Andrew was born with cataracts that have caused him issues his entire life. He had them removed once when he was younger, but they came back. For 17 years he was wearing glasses that were a half inch thick. It’s thanks to help from you all here at the Lions Club that Andrew was able to have those cataracts removed.” Mudd said.

Johnson expressed his thanks to the Lions Club and received a round of applause for his courageous battle and perseverance. DeRidder Lions Club President Ken Harlow stated that he was happy that the club was able to help Johnson out.
“It is a blessing to be able to make a huge difference in someone’s life. I’m so happy for Andrew.” Harlow said.