October was National Bullying Prevention Month, and to bring awareness, Beekman Charter School students participated in several anti-bullying activities culminating in the creation of an anti-bullying video asking others to #SeeMe.

Bullying is a form of repeated harassment that can be physical, verbal, or done over social media. It is a recurrent problem in the United States, and according to the National Bullying Prevention Center it affects more than one in every five students in the country.

To combat bullying on campus and bring awareness to the subject, the teachers and faculty at Beekman Charter School have been involving the students in various activities. They've continued to promote last year's anti-bullying theme of #BeKind.

“All of the teachers have been showing videos geared towards anti-bullying and we've held assemblies as well,” said Heather Doles. “We've really been stressing the importance of kindness.”

Lunch time activities have also been introduced to allow students to get to know each other better.

To wrap up the activities for National Bullying Prevention Month, students worked together to create a video to encourage an end to bullying. The theme of the video is #SeeMe and was created through several days of research and filming.

“We viewed various anti-bullying videos similar to this, and thought the students would enjoy putting one together themselves,” explained Doles.

The theme of the video, #SeeMe, is a national movement supporting seeing others for who they really are.

“It's about stereotypes and we kind of put our own spin on it in the video,” noted Doles.

The video, which can be viewed on youtube, begins with a student holding a card asking “Do you ever feel invisible, like no one really see's you?” The video goes on to discuss how a person might be seen by a bully as students are shown with cards baring traits such as arrogant, a quitter, weird, or stupid. It then encourages seeing the students as they really are as they display cards with traits including smart, talented, goofy, and creative. The video ends with the students spelling out #SeeMe, BCS, and #StopBullying on the football field.

The students filmed the video in the last week of October. Students from grades 6 to 12 were nominated by their homeroom teachers to participate in the video holding the cards. All grades participated in spelling out words on the field, however. Doles said the students seemed to enjoy this project.

“The students I've spoken with enjoyed doing it and were impressed with how it turned out,” noted Doles.

Beekman Charter School is proud of its students' efforts to stand against bullying and hopes to continue promoting the message of kindness into the future.