Local Madi Grace Musgrove has been cheering with Monroe's North Elite Cheer Athletics for several years now, and recently in her second competition her 10 member team, the Blue Sapphires, received the ultimate prize: a bid for the 2018-2019 D2 Summit at Disney World.

The D2 Summit is a competition for small gyms with the goal of helping the gyms grow their programs. Only 1,200 out of 12,000 teams in the country receive bids to compete.

“It's basically the Super Bowl of cheer,” said Madi Grace's Mom April Musgrove. “It's huge.”

Monroe's North Elite Cheer, a gym specializing competitive cheer teams, tumbling, and ninja training, recently saw its Blue Sapphire team of girls ages 6 to 11 win this honor at the Spirit of Celebration Competition in Shreveport. The Blue Sapphires competed in Youth Level 2, taking home the bid as well as first place in Youth Level 2 and the grand champion title for their level. The girls were told about their bid by their coaches Tara Knight Daniel and JJ Daniel sometime after the competition and were thrilled.

“When Tara announced it to them I think they were so surprised because they weren't expecting it,” Musgrove commented. “At first they were just excited they were going to disney world, but JJ sat them down and explained what an honor it was, and they are over the moon with excitement.”

The D2 Summit will take place May 10 through 12 of 2019. The chosen teams will be raising money for the trip. The Blue Sapphires are getting ready to start fundraising.

“We can take sponsorships from local businesses, and we'll be doing bake sales and raffling off some items,” explained Musgrove.

The proud coaches posted pictures on the gyms Facebook page, and commenters offered congratulations. A video of the moment the bid was announced to the team was posted as well, featuring the girls squealing with glee.

The girls, their coaches, and their parents are proud of this accomplishment, look forward to the D2 Summit, and hope to continue doing their best into the future.