Bussey Brake has been a favorite fishing spot in Bastrop for many years, and one of the biggest catches from the area, a 101 pound buffalo was caught this week in 1995.

In the early morning hours of November 1, 1995 locals Paul Carter, his son Ricky, and David Harper were out fishing at Bussey. Carter and his son had been cleaning the lake of trash fish and had seen the buffalo several times. Changing to a 6 inch net, he managed to catch five 90 pound buffalo, a 40 pound leather carp, and the 101 pound buffalo.

Carter had been fishing for 40 years and Harper for eighty, but both said they had never seen a fish that big. The fish was brought to the Enterprise for a photo and several people came to see it.

At the time there was an ongoing program to rid Bussey of its trash fish to improve it for fisherman. People were amazed that Bussey held fish that big.

Bussey has continued as a prime fishing spot, though today it is closed for repairs. The reopening date is uncertain, but the City of Bastrop sees it as an important project. It has played an important part in Bastrop's history and will hopefully continue to do so.