During the time period of Oct. 1st to Oct. 25th the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office received five reports of vehicle burglaries.

On the 23rd of Oct. patrol Sargent Chris Thirdkill received a call from a citizen about a unknown subject on Edwin Drive going under carports. Thirdkill found a subject matching the description given and chased him behind Hibbet Sports where he lost contact. The subject was later identified as Jermerrick C. Dowles.

Dowles was picked up and questioned and admitted to five vehicle burglaries. The vehicle burglaries occurred on Sarah Street, Whispering Pines, Cherry Ridge Road, Edwin Street, and Williamsburg. Items recovered were a laptop computer, .22 caliber pistol, computer tablet and an Ipod. Dowles entered vehicle that were left unlocked.

Sheriff Tubbs reminds citizens to lock their vehicles and remove any valuables.