Beekman, Bastrop and Sterlington are among the 16 schools scheduled to perform in the Spirit of the Panther Marching Contest on Saturday.

Attracting a record 16 bands, this year's annual Spirit of the Panther Marching Contest promises to be better than ever. Performances get underway Saturday at 3 p.m. at the Sterlington High football Stadium.

Union Parish is the first band up at 3 p.m., followed by Beekman at 3:15, Bastrop at 3:30, Caldwell Parish at 3:45, Franklin Parish at 4:00, C.E. Byrd at 4:15, Ruston at 4:30, Neville at 4:45, El Dorado at 5:00, Pineville at 5:15, Ouachita at 5:30, West Ouachita at 5:45, Haughton at 6:00, Airline at 6:15 and West Monroe at 6:30. Sterlington High's Panther Pride Marching Band will close out the evening with an exhibition at 6:45.

An awards ceremony will conclude the festivities.

Under the direction of Mason Howard, the Union Parish Fightin' Farmer Band will perform 'Imagine Dragons,' featuring the selections 'Radioactive' and 'Thunder.' Drum major is Tristan Calaman, drum line captain is Julia Caleb Corona and color guard captain is Julia Frances.

Next up, the Beekman Bengal Band's show is entitled 'Godzilla.' Drum major is Haile Burnside, drum line captain is Nick Irby, with Alex Heikkila as band director.

Bastrop High's Ram Pride Marching Band has selected 'Dream Girls' as its show. Drum major is Gwyneth Edwards, drum line captain is Cedric Winston and Christianna Releford is captain of the color guard. Band director is Gail Griggs, assisted by Larry Williams and Carvell Williams.

Caldwell's Band of Spartans will perform 'Superheroes,' featuring selections from Captain America, Spiderman and Superman. Drum major is Shanya Dollar and drumline captain is Mackenzie Howard. Color guard coordinators are Shayla Lewis and Jordan Hatten. Rachel Morgan is band director.

Moving on to the fifth group of the day, the Franklin Parish High School Marching Band will present 'Boundaries,' featuring 'Obstacles,' 'The Other Side,' and 'Breaking Barriers.' Band directors are Caleb McDaniel and Stephen Taylor. Color guard coordinator is Allison Wollerson. Drum major is Camryn Price. Drumline captains are James Cotton and Madelynn Havarad. Color guard captains are Trinity Bass and Tykerria Rollins.

Making the trip from Shreveport, the C.E. Byrd Marching Band will perform 'Haka.' Drum majors are Dylan Hall and Amber Smith. Drum line captain is Noah Edwards and color guard captain is Caleigh Lester. Instructors include director James Willet and percussion instructor Jae Walker.

With Halloween approaching, the Ruston High School Competition Marching Band has appropriately chosen 'Haunted,' as its theme. Drum majors are Michael Bishop and Phillip Noflin, drum line captain is Gabriel Harrison, and color guard captains are Shaniya Armstrong and Meghan Griffin. Band director is Walter Moss, assisted by Charles Pernici. Britany Snart is color guard instructor.

'And Beyond,' featuring selections 'Defying Gravity,' 'Jupiter' and 'Space Oddity,' is the show chosen by The Tiger Band from Neville. Drum major is Jeremy Logan with Henry Spahn as drumline captain. Color guard captains are Deboarh Blanson and Shalia Holmes. Band Director is Marie Looney, and assistant director is Sean O'Pry. Color guard captains are Deborah Blanson and Shalia Holmes.

Representing the state of Arkansas, the El Dorado High School Marching Band will begin the second half of the program. Their show is entitled 'Phobias: What are you afraid of?' Drum major is Courtney Fisher. Directors associated with the band are Alexander Michaels, Robert Kloap, Melissa Greer and Tim Mullenax.

Next, the Pineville High School Rebel Band will bring a Cenla flavor to the competition, performing 'Turning the Tables.' Drum majors are Brittany Smith and Allison Lewis. Drum captain is Sam Bang. Color guard captains are Mykeaiana Thrash and Taylor Marcotte. Johnny Walker is band director with Stephanie Burroughs coordinating the color guard. Additional instructors include James Lormand, Jada Alexander and Amanda Yancy.

Ouachita's Pride of Ouachita will perform 'Construction,' under the leadership of drum major Takayla Washington. Drum captain is Jaylor Wiley. Color guard captains are Bailey Meredith and Morgan Frith. James Hodge is band director with Brian Bass as assistant director. Rhonda McLaughlin and Jennifer Lofton are color guard instructors.

Scheduled to take the field at 5:15 p.m., the West Ouachita Chief of Bands will delight the crowd with 'Carmen.' Drum majors are Brooklyn Nolan and Abigail Naylor, with Ethan Williams as drum captain and Esperanza Martinez as color guard captain. Instructors are Clif Liner (director), Chris King (assistant director) and Brooke Beeson (color guard coordinator).

Two bands from Bossier Parish are up next.

Haughton High School's Big Red Buccaneer Band will perform 'P.U.S.H. (Persist Until Something Happens).' Drum majors are Garrett Jones and Drake McKay. Drum captains are Treveon Larkins and Aidan Weinreber. Color guard captains are Kayla Edwards, Morgan McVey and Nicole Smith. Kevin Williams is band director. Assistant band director/percussion instructor is Joel Burris. Color guard coordinator is P.J. Trichel.

The Airline High School Viking Vanguard Band will march to'Excalibur!' Drum majors are Kylie Hammett and James Moore, with Chris Romain as drum captain. Band director Patrick Neff is assisted by Grant Sheldon. Tina Nelson is also associated with the group as an instructor.

Closing out the competition, the Marching Rebel Band from West Monroe will perform 'Into the Light,' featuring selections 'Fly to Paradise,' 'Gloria' and 'One Day I'll Fly Away.' Drum majors are Siddihi Kshirsager, Abigail Powell and Graham Scarborough. Drum captain is Hunter Williams. Color guard captains are Mary Beth Johnson and Brenna Wells. Instructors are band director Robbie Freeman, assistant director Frank Saunders and color guard coordinator Kassi Brunson. Visual staff is Derek Daigle and Jordan Dufrene.

Sterlington's Panther Pride Marching Band will provide the final entertainment with 'Elvis.' Drum major is Austen Hunsaker, with Michael Albritton as drum captain, and Calyn Lamanno and Jermya Wilson as color guard captains. Danny Mejia is band director, Noah White is percussion coordinator and Alex Noel is color guard tech.