Class 14: Senior Citizen Quilts

Pieced Quilt: 1st Lynn Wilson, 2nd Donna Adams, 3rd Annette Ireland

Appliqued Quilt: Best Of Show Jean Hostetter,

Peoples Choice Jean Hostetter, 1st Jean Hostetter, 2nd Donna Adams

Embroidered Quilt: 1st Connie Patrick

Pre-Printed Quilt: 1st Annette Ireland

Pieced Baby Quilt: 1st Annette Ireland

Pre-Printed Baby Quilt: 1st Annette Ireland, 2nd Jeanette Thompson

Embroidered Baby Quilt: 1st Jean Hostetter

Quilt Square: 1st Peggy Graves, 2nd Emma Sistrunk, 3rd Marlene Langston

Lap Quilt: 1st Jean Hostetter, 2nd Nell Farrar

Quilt Top: 1st Peggy Graves, 2nd Donna Adams

Machine Pieced Quilt: 1st Linda Bray, 2nd Emma Sistrunk, 3rd Jean Hostetter

Embroidered Quilt: 1st Barbara Sisk

Class 15: Senior Citizen Needlecraft

Quilted Wall Hanging: Best Of Show Emma Sistrunk, 1st Emma Sistrunk, 2nd Nell Farrar, 3rd Annette Ireland

Place Mats & Napkins: 1st Annette Ireland

Crocheted Tablecloth: 1st Marlene Langston

Pillowcases: 1st Marlene Langston, 2nd Donna Adams, 3rd Linda Bray

Decorated Pillowcases: 1st Marlene Langston, 2nd Donna Adams, 3rd Jeanette Thompson

Fabric Pillow: 1st Annette Ireland, 2nd Barbara Sisk, 3rd Jeanette Thompson

Pillow: 1st Colleen Odenbaugh

Crocheted Items

Pillow: 1st Dorothy Olds

Afghan Blocked: 1st Dorothy Olds, 2nd Marlene Langston

Afghan Rippled: 1st Emma Sistrunk

Afghan Strip: 1st Dorothy Olds, 2nd Diana Jones

Baby Afghan: 1st Connie Patrick, 2nd Jeanette Thompson, 3rd Dorothy Olds

Doilies: 1st Dorothy Olds, 2nd Vonda Fair, 3rd Marlene Langston

Doll Or Clothes: 1st Connie Patrick, 2nd Dorothy Olds

Any Other: 1st Barbara Sisk, 2nd Nell Farrar, 3rd Jeanette Thompson

Fabric Doll Or Clothes: 1st Jeanette Thompson, 2nd Gloria Chapman

Thread Craft Under 12”: 1st Nell Farrar

Thread Craft Over 13”: 1st Nell Farrar

Table Runner: 1st Marlene Langston

Needlepoint: 1st Nell Farrar

Kleenex Box: 1st Jeanette Thompson, 2nd Dorothy Olds

Mug Rug: 1st Barbara Sisk, 2nd Dorothy Olds

Hand Embroideredy: 1st Marlene Langston

Holiday Accessories: 1st Dorothy Olds

Holiday Ornaments: 1st Dorothy Olds, 2nd Nell Farrar, 3rd Barbara Sisk

Christmas Stocking: 1st Nell Farrar

Pot Holders: 1st Dorothy Olds, 2nd Annette Ireland, 3rd Nell Farrar

Dishtowel: 1st Jeanette Thompson, 2nd Marlene Langston, 3rd Barbara Sisk

Covered Coat Hangers: 1st Nell Farrar. 2nd Annette Ireland

Lap Throw: 1st Annette Ireland

Tote Or Bag: 1st Barbara Sisk, 2nd Gloria Chapman

Any Other: 1st Nell Farrar, 2nd Annette Ireland, 3rd Donna Adams

Class 16: Arts & Crafts Senior Citizen

Hair Accessories: 1st Dorothy Olds

Decorated Wood Article: 1st Dorothy Olds

Dried Flowers: 1st Annette Ireland, 2nd Barbara Vancoevering

Wood Article Under 23”: 1st Bruce Kinnard

Wood Article Over 24”: 1st Bruce Kinnard

Wreath: 1st Annette Ireland

Holiday Ornaments: 1st Diana Jones, 2nd Dorothy Olds

Holiday Table Decorations: 1st Barbara Vancoevering, 2nd Annette Ireland

Jewelry: 1st Nell Farrar, 2nd Diana Jones, 3rd Dorothy Olds

Stained Glass: 1st Barbara Vancoevering

Collage: 1st Jo Ann Blazier

“GO Green” Craft: 1st Bruce Kinnard, 2nd Dorothy Olds

“REPURPOSED” Item: 1st Bruce Kinnard, 2nd Barbara Vancoevering

Any Other: 1st Jeanette Thompson

Nursing Home Items

Decorated Wall Hanging: 1st Walter Dew, 1st Vonda Fair

Macrame: 1st Vonda Fair

Catcher: 1st Peggy Skains

Puzzle: 1st Chris Herring


Some Junior Classes Are Split By Age

Class 17: Clothing Over 14 Yrs

Fabric Decorated Shirt: 1st Daniel Wilkerson, 2nd Mary Kinnard

Class 18: Clothing 13 And Under

Fabric Decorated Shirt: 1st Lexi Harper, 2nd Matthes Crawford, 3rd Malachi Mays

Class 19: Arts And Crafts 13 And Under

Toy: 1st Matthes Crawford

Ceramics: 1st Lexi Harper

Plaster Craft: 1st Grant Boatright

String Art: 1st Payson Baines, Matthes Crawford, 2nd Daniel Wilkerson, 3rd Grant Boatright

Wood Article: 1st Lexi Harper, Grant Boatright, 2nd Matthes Crawford, Mason Rawls

Decoupage: 1st Lexi Harper, 2nd Grant Boatright

Decorative Painting Hard Surface: 1st Gate Cockrell, Lexi Harper, Gracie Rawls, Matthes Crawford, 2nd Kira Whitehead, Mason Rawls, Malachi Mays, Grant Boatright

Holiday Ornaments: 1st Connor Baines, 2nd Payson Baines, 3rd Grant Boatright, Gage Cockrell

Handmade Soap: 1st Gracie Rawls

Handcrafted Flowers: 1st Grant Boatright, 2nd Malachi Mays

Simulated Stain Glass: 1st Lexi Harper, 2nd Gage Cockrell, 3rd Grant Boatright

Jewelry: 1st Gage Cockrell, Matthes Crawford, 2nd Mason Rawls, Grant Boatright, 3rd Malachi Mays

Decorated Picture Frame: 1st Grant Boatright

Foam Craft: 1st Mason Rawls, 2nd Grant Boatright, 3rd Gage Cockrell

Magnet: 1st Payson Baines, 2nd Mason Rawls, 3rd Grant Boatright, Lexi Harper

Models: 1st Matthes Crawford

Fabric Not Sewn Item: 1st Mason Rawls

Stepping Stone: 1st Lexi Harper

Collage: 1st Grant Boatright

“GO Green” Craft: 1st Payson Baines, Lexi Harper, Grant Boatright, 2nd Gage Cockrell, Emilee Stewart, 3rd Sommer Martin

“REPURPOSED Item”: 1st Kira Whitehead, 2nd Grant Boatright, 3rd Daniel Wilkerson

Any Other: 1st Grant Boatright, 2nd Payson Baines, 3rd Conner Baines, Mason Rawls

Crayon Art: 1st Matthes Crawford, 2nd Mason Rawls, Connor Baines, Payson Baines

Fishing Lures: 1st Matthes Crawford

Class 20: Arts & Crafts, Over 14 Yrs

Ceramics: 1st Kody Boatright

Fabric Decoration: 1st Kody Boatright

String Art: 1st Kody Boatright

Wood Article: 1st Kody Boatright

Decorative Painting Hard Surface: 1st Kody Boatright

Holiday Ornaments: 1st Kody Boatright

Holiday Decoration: 1st Grant Boatright, 2nd Kody Boatright

“REPURPOSED” Item: 1st Kody Boatright, 2nd Kaylee Mcdonald

“GO Green” Item: 1st Kody Boatright

Handcrafted Flowers: 2nd Daniel Wilkerson

Jewelry: 1st Kody Boatright

Desk Accessories: 1st Kody Boatright, 2nd Grant Boatright

Leather Craft: 1st Grant Boatright, 2nd Kody Boatright

Decorated Picture Frame: 1st Kody Boatright

Magnet: 1st Kody Boatright

Collage: 1st Kody Boatright

Any Other: 1st Kody Boatrigt

Acrylic Art: 1st Eva Kosking, 2nd Mary Kinnard, 3rd Gracie Rawls, Kody Boatright, Grant Boatright, Kira Whitehead

Oil Art: 1st Eva Hosking

Pastel Art: 1st Eva Hosking

Pen & Ink Art: 1st Eva Hosking

Water Color Art: 1st Conner Baines

Pencil Art: 1st Matthes Crawford, 2nd Gracie Rawls

Class 21: Junior Baking

Chocolate Chip Cookies: 3rd Malachi Mays

Brownies: 1st Sydney Stephenson, 2nd Malachi Mays

Pralines: 1st Lexi Harper

Any Other Candy: 1st Lexi Harper

Class 22: Junior Canned Goods

Snap Beans: 1st Matthes Crawford

Whole Tomatoes: 1st Matthes Crawford

Any Other Tomato: 2nd Malachi Mays

Blackberry Jelly: 1st Matthes Crawford

Plum Jelly: 1st Matthes Crawford

Any Other Jelly: 1st Lexi Harper

Bread & Butter Pickles: 1st Matthes Crawford

Dill Pickles Sliced: 1st Matthes Crawford

Any Other Pickles: 1st Matthes Crawford

Salsa: 1st Lexi Harper

Any Other Relish: 1st Matthes Crawford

Class 24: Junior Photography

Town/City Scenery: 1st Matthes Crawford, 2nd Chloe Powell

Rural Scenery: 1st Grant Boatright, 2nd Chloe Powell, 3rd Victory Stephens

Animals: 1st Chloe Powell, 2nd Victory Stephens, 3rd Matthes Crawford

Children: 1st Chloe Powell, 2nd Kody Boatright

Night Time: 1st Allie Johnson, 2nd Matthes Crawford, 3rd Chloe Powell

Still Life: 1st Victory Stephens, 2nd Lexi Harper, 3rd Kody Boatright

Transportation: 1st Lexi Harper, 2nd Matthes Crawford, 3rd Chloe Powell

Family Vacation: 1st Lexi Harper, 2nd Chloe Powell, 3rd Kody Boatright

Wildlife: 1st Matthes Crawford, 2nd Grant Boatright, 3rd Chloe Powell

Floral: 1st Lexi Harper, 2nd Chloe Powell, 3rd Allie Johnson

Hunting & Fishing: 1st Victory Stephens

People: 1st Victory Stephens, 2nd Matthes Crawford, 3rd Chloe Powell

Sports: 1st Chloe Powell

Selfie: 1st Victory Stephens, 2nd Chloe Powell, 3rd Daniel Wilkerson, Baylee Johnson