Morehouse General Hospital has recently added a urology clinic to their offered services, and the grand opening was held Thursday, October 20.

Dr. John Califano who is originally from Alaska heads the clinic. A graduate of Oregon State University, he went to medical school at the University of Oklahoma where he also underwent his urology training. He came here seeking to help in areas in need of more medical services.

“This is a very underserved community, so I'm excited to work here,” he said.

The new clinic, located at 420 South Vine Street, offers a full range of urology services. As a urologist, Dr. Califano specializes in areas such as bladder issues, kidney stones, and prostate cancer.

“We do pediatric, male, and female urology,” Dr. Califano explained.

The center has been open for a little over a month and has already seen an abundance of patients.

“We've done about 40 surgeries so far and see probably 50 or so patients a week in the clinic,” Dr. Califano noted.

Dr. Califano is excited to be in Bastrop and said the clinic has done well in its first few weeks.

“The patients and the community have been really nice,” he commented.

The grand opening included tours of the clinic and sandwiches, cupcakes, and punch. He and his co-workers were excited to show off the new offices.

Dr. Califano's clinic is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. He looks forward to serving Bastrop's residents for many years to come.