Recently the “Castle” tree at Chemin-A-Haut was chosen for the cover of this year’s official Louisiana Tour Guide, and to celebrate this, Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser held a press conference Thursday, October 6.

Nungesser's first order of business upon arrival was taking a tour of the park along with several Bastrop officials and administrators. They toured the grounds along with the new cabins.

Later that afternoon everyone gathered for refreshments after which the conference was held.

The event began with a few words from park manager Demetrius Fields. He thanked everyone for caring about the park and taking the time to aid in its upkeep. He also thanked the Lieutenant Governor for his help and support.

“I'm pleased with the support our park receives,” he said. “Lieutenant Governor Nungesser has been instrumental in giving our citizens quality parks and services.”

Representative Jay Morris spoke next of an upcoming project to add sewer hookups in the park for RVs. The Bastrop Chamber of Commerce has pledged to donate up to $2,000 for the cause and the state plans to allocate money as well.

Senator Mike Walsworth said a few kind words about the Lieutenant Governor noting he is one of his best friends, a good man and a hard worker.

“He's the kind of man that is going to get his hands dirty and not just talk,” he asserted. “He's going to get things done.”

Nungesser was then introduced and began his talk with some comments about improvements to the park, noting that nothing would be done without the public's consent.

“We will not allow anything in the park if the city, park officials, and citizens do not think it is for the greater good of the community,” he asserted.

He spoke about trying to get more people traveling in Louisiana, mentioning that he tells people to take staycations. He believes this will help spread the word about what Louisiana has to offer and get more people to come visit.

“Take one vacation and go see a place in Louisiana you've never seen,” he urged.

Getting more tourists to Louisiana is one reason the tree at Chemin-A-Haut was chosen for the tour guide cover. He announced the placement of the tree on the cover to great applause. A poster of the cover stood on an easel in a place of prominence for all to see.

“We have to make sure everyone knows about that tree,” he declared.

He believes that showing people the beauty Louisiana has to offer is another important way of encouraging them to vacation here.

In closing, Nungesser stated that he is willing to help the community at any time.

“If there's something I can do to help I'll be there,” he assured.

The Lieutenant Governor's help is much appreciated, and there has been other support as well. The Morehouse Technology and innovative Alliance has received a $10,000 grant from Union Pacific Railway to help fund marketing for Chemin-A-Haut.

The community of Bastrop thanks Lieutenant Governor Nungesser for his support and hopes, with his help, to make Chemin-A-Haut a top state park in Louisiana.