An election will be held throughout the entire state on November 6, 2018. Early voting will be October 23 through October 30, 2018, except for Sunday.

There are many items on the ballot for Morehouse Parish.

First is the election of a Secretary of State. There are 9 candidates for this position, and they are Kyle Ardoin (incumbent), Heather Cloud, Gwen Collins-Greenup, A.G. Crowe, Rick Edmonds, Renee Free, Thomas Kennedy, Matt Moreau and Julie Stokes.

Second, a U.S. Representative for 5th Congressional District is to be elected. Those candidates are Ralph Abraham (the incumbent), Billy Burkette, Jessee Fleenor and Kyle Randol.

Thirdly, a new 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals judge will be elected. The candidates are Judge Sharon Marchman and Judge Jimbo Stephens (the incumbent).

The 4th item on the ballot is the election of the school board. Those candidates are district 2 - Louis Melton (the incumbent) and Pam Walker; district 3 - Linda Logan and Tab Wilkerson; district 4 - Rick Hixon (the incumbent) and Alton McGee III, district 5 - Luwanda Davis, Latonya Hawkins and Debbie Wilson; district 6 - Chastity Kennedy-Lee (the incumbent) and Veronica Tappin; and district 7 - Carolyn Harris, Rose Thompson (the incumbent) and Adrin Williams.

The 5th item is the election of the Mayor for the Village of Bonita and the candidates are Kathy Moses (the incumbent), Virgil Penn and Charlie Zaunbrecher.

The 6th item on the ballot is the election of the Mayor for the Village of Collinston and those candidates are Christopher Carter and Rodney Fenceroy.

The last 2 items on the ballot are Bastrop Area Fire Protection Dist. No. 2, 10th Ward Fire Protection Dist. No. 1 and seven amendments to our state constitution. A more detailed posting will be given relating strictly to the fire tax RENEWALS and the state amendments.