Rose Thompson announces her candidacy for the Morehouse School Board in the upcoming election.

She has had experience with the school system, as all her children have attended Morehouse Parish Schools and her youngest great-grand child is a Head Start Student.

She believes all children matter. As a current board member she has a record of supporting the children, staff, and school officials.

“Down through the years I have been an advocate for the children, citizens, and families from all walks of life,” she asserted.

She has initiated raises for support workers, assisted with organizing a community pep rally, voted for MCIO Head Start children to occupy Oak Hill School, supported advancing the concerns for Beekman Charter School, supported a school cookout, supported school football activities, and supported remodeling the boy's locker room at Morehouse Jr. High. She hopes to be able to continue her work with the school system.

“My pledge to you is to continue to listen to your concerns and work to advance the educational needs of our school system,” she declared. “Some of these issues are not always popular, but as your School Board member it is my job to address your concerns.”

Thompson notes that she has the experience and ethical training needed to serve on the board.

“Why start over?” she asked. “I am ready, willing and experienced to continue working for you.”

Thompson asks that people consider voting for her for re-election.

“I am asking for your vote in this election,” she said.

She wants to continue working for and supporting the children, teachers, and citizens of Morehouse Parish.