The Head Start Program has benefited many local children throughout the years, and to celebrate October was declared Headstart Awareness Month in the parish.

Head Start, started by former president Johnson in 1964, is a program which provides early childhood education and health services to many students.

Head Start Awareness Month is a national event started by former President Reagan in 1982. It is meant to bring awareness to Headstart and its benefits, as well as to celebrate the impact it has had on generations of children.

In celebration of Head Start Awareness Month MCIO Head Start's Billy J Rabon Center is holding a week of festivities. On Tuesday, October 2, Proclamation Day was held at which the start of Head Start Awareness Month was Declared.

The event began with a few words from local Head Start Director Ethel Robinson. She mentioned that the awareness month wasn't the only special occation taking place this year.

“This is our 50th year of existance in Morehouse Parish,” she declared.

Assistant to the Mayor Chastity Kennedy-Lee then stood in for the Mayor to read the proclimation declaring October Head Start Month in the parish. She congratulated the Morehosue Head Start Program on its anniversary as well.

Sheriff Tubbs and City Marshall Lisa Chaffold also said a few words of congratulation.

Mrs. Tabitha Hendon from Vantage Health Care then presented the Center with a check for $2,000 congratulating the center and thanking them for their work in the community.

“I'm just amazed at what you've accomplished,” she said. “I can't think of a better way for a child to get a head start than right here in this community.”

Next Police Jury President Terry Williams lead the balloon Launch which was done by Little Miss Head Start Ta-Mia Whaley. He then declared the beginning of the festivities.

There were hoppers for the children to play in and the Fire Department had their smoke training van and gave out junior firefighter hats. An ambulance was also available for the children to explore. Guests were welcomed to tour the Center grounds.

MCIO Head Start and the Billy J Rabon Center are honored to have existed 50 years, proud of the lives they have touched in Morehouse Parish, and they look forward to continuing their work into the future.