October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in America, and to start off this month's awareness campaign Morehouse General Hospital held a Breast Cancer Awareness Month Kickoff event on Monday, October 1.

Held in the Hospital's Walnut Room, the event included a speaker, door prizes, and refreshments. Guests were also given free pink ribbon pins. This event was a chance to hear more about breast cancer from a speaker who actually experienced it.

The speaker for the event was Carolyn Harris from the Witness Project, a faith based organization that that aids cancer patients.

Harris discussed her experiences and why it is important to talk about it. She was diagnosed almost six years ago and it was frightening, but she says that her faith helped her.

“The devil wanted to get busy getting in my head, but I said 'God, you brought me to this point and I know you'll bring me through it,” she stated.

She explained how her mammogram hadn't detected anything, but she did.

“Every month do your self examination,” she urged.

Harris talked about how faith and family are important when going through cancer. She also encouraged women with cancer to be open about what they go through. She said to be unashamed of baldness and mastectomies.

“You have to be willing to let your family know what you are going through, how you hurt, and what you need,” she asserted.

She has been in remission for neary six years and shares her story with others, telling them about breast cancer, the do's and don'ts, and the doctor's she has used. She hopes to give encouragement to those going through the same experience.

After Harris spoke, refreshments of cake, fruit, and punch were offered. Door prizes were also given out. Several of the guests were also picked to receive free mammograms at a later date.

This event, Sponsered by the Zeta Phi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. as well as MGH Rural Health, is just one way Morehouse General is trying to educate locals on breast cancer and early diagnosis.

They hope that by educating the public in this way, women will gain knowledge and undergo the needed exams, allowing more lives to be saved.