On Monday, September 17, the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office received a call from a woman about a burglary on the Old Bonita Road.

The woman observed an unknown subject in a black hoodie on a bike leaving a neighbor's house. She checked the back of the house and found guns laying on the ground by the back door.

Officer Jeff Philley received the case. He viewed a video at a neighbor's a few miles a way and watched the suspect arrive and leave on a bike.

Later, a Brandon Beach was located on Pine Grove Loop with a broken ankle and a bike. He matched the subject seen in the video. He was mirandized and confessed to being a principle in the burglary along with a David Porter who lived next door to the burgled house. A shotgun and rifle were recovered.

David Porter was arrested and charged with simple burglary and criminal conspiracy. Brandon Beach was taken to Morehouse General Hospital for treatment of his ankle and will be arrested upon release.