Bikers for Christ is an organization dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Christ and the local chapter, Bayou Country, ministers in many ways to share the Gospel and help those in need in Northeast Louisiana. 


“We are a motorcycle ministry,” said member Wilma Arant.


Bikers for Christ was started in 1990 by Pastor Fred Zariczny. They have chapters all over the U.S. and even internationally. They do many ministries to spread the message of Christ to others. 


As their charter states, their mission is “to bring all types of people, including motorcycle club members into the Kingdom of Heaven and to plant seeds of faith in the hearts of men and women whenever and wherever we can.”


Headed by Elder Borden Townsend the local chapter, Bayou Country, does a lot to spread God’s love in their home of Northeast Louisiana. They provide Bibles, raise donations for the needy, and minister to people in local prisons. They have helped people who lost their homes to fire and helped with hospital transport as well. 


“We cook for Thanksgiving and prepare delivered meals and buy Christmas presents for people in need,” said Elder Townsend. 


They look for needs in the community and provide help where they can.


“We have some local pastors in our ministry, and they let us know if they know people in need and we help,” said Townsend.


As Christians, they want to help those that are less fortunate and spread God’s love and His message of salvation.


“We just try to be a Christian influence in the biker world,” said Arant. 


They sponsor various rides to raise money to help needy families. Their most recent was a Highball Run held at the Legion Hall Saturday, September 15. This money is given to local families who may have sick children, financial troubles, or other needs. 


“We recently helped with a child in PICU in Shreveport,” said Arant. 


The Bayou Country Chapter is proud of what they do and hope they can continue to be a Christian influence and help with the needy of the community.