The Morehouse Parish School System believes math is a very important subject, and to spark student’s interest they have formed a math club at multiple schools.

The club was started at Morehouse Junior High three years ago. Members are enrolled in an online program receiving incentives based on the amount of work completed.

“The goal of the club is to develop deep appreciation of math skills,” said Child Welfare and Attendance Supervisor and club sponsor Ralph Davenport. “Students build their self-confidence and excitement for math by engaging in math activities.”

Formerly known as the Morehouse Junior High School Math Club, it is now known as Theta Sigma Pi and has been extended to 4th graders at Henry V. Adams and Pine Grove Elementary School. Davenport hopes to offer it at even more schools in the future.

“Eventually we want to expand to other schools and what I want to do is have competitions between the schools,” he said.

The club at Morehouse Junior High is sponsored by Tralisa Brown, Jeanine Banks, Arthurnese Nimmer and Daryl Gordon. Pine Grove's is sponsored by Shiela Davenport and Henry V. Adams by Debra Hutchinson.

The clubs meet once a month on Saturdays, work on the math program and have refreshments which each grade level will take turns providing. There are also activities scheduled for members throughout the year including the Bastrop High vs. Brother Martin football game in New Orleans, a trip to the Jackson, MS Civil Rights Museum, a Boston Celtics game, a Mardi Gras coronation and ball at MJH, an Atlanta Braves Baseball game, and an end-of-year Western Caribbean Cruise.

Club members will receive t-shirts and club jackets with Greek lettering. They will also participate in fundraisers to raise money for the trips and activities. Money raised by a student in the fundraisers will go toward that student’s funding for events.

The club will also bring in consultants such as a professor from LA Tech to speak to the students. The club sponsors hope these guests will be able to show students importance of math and give them a better understanding of it.

“What I want to do is encourage them to do as much math as possible,” said Davenport.

The MJH Club held their first meeting on Saturday, September 15. Mr. Davenport introduced the sponsors and spoke about activities and fundraisers. Students and parents had chips and dip after which the students took a trip to skate town.

Davenport and his fellow sponsors are excited about the club and hope to use this opportunity to help kids get more excited and knowledgeable about math this school year.