Stories of little green men from space have been prevalent since the 1800's and Bastrop proved it is not immune to these tales as numerous locals were reported to have seen flying saucers this week in 1958.

On Tuesday, August 12, it was reported in the Bastrop Enterprise that the previous Friday, September 7, at least 25 individuals contacted KTRY radio announcer Carl Livingston with stories of lights in the sky. A Monroe newspaper also received reports from locals and other residents as far as thirty miles away. Neither the Monroe Police Department or the C. A. A. could identify the objects.

Saturday morning Livingston bragged about the saucers on a broadcast and was shortly informed that the lights had been part of a publicity stunt by a Monroe store. The Saucers had in fact been gigantic search lights atop a 42 foot truck.

D.E. McGraw and C. O. McGraw who owned the lights admitted they had scared people all around the south with them. It was a stunt for their business Lone Star Advertising.

The paper certainly enjoyed the story and commented on solving the mystery.

“The dream of flying saucers over Bastrop is no longer a night-mare, just another good news story ruined by facts.”

The people of Bastrop were scared by the lights, but thankful they were just a prank. One of the stranger stories in the annals of Bastrop history.