The Morehouse Parish Police Jury approved a motion to reinstate the Industrial Development Board at their monthly meeting on Monday, September 10.

Kay King discussed with the Jury the idea to reinstate the Industrial Development Board with new members Police Jury votes to reinstate Industrial Development Board.

She mentioned that this Board will be an incentive for industries to consider coming here. They will consider possible projects and industries wishing to come into the parish and help inform the community about development programs in place.

“We’re going to have a training session and teach people about economic development programs,” said King. “I think it is going to be good for our parish, and I think we can make it successful.”

Philip Lester presented the Jury with a plan to repair the roads in the Dogwood Hills and Dogwood Extension areas.

“I’ve sent a letter to the people in that neighborhood asking them to chip in and had 30 responses,” said Lester.

He asked that the Police Jury help them financially as well. A motion was passed to do this.

Melvin Hicks with the D.O.T.D gave an update on the Right Sizing Program. This program transfers roads from the state to local government along with money for repairs.

They mentioned five roads they wished to repair in the future, but for now the Police Jury is focused on fixing Naff Street with the credits they received from taking in the Old Berlin Road and the state’s half of Shelton Road. Hicks presented the board with a map and list of roads they can choose to take from the state to receive credits for repairing the other five roads in the future.

The Police Jury voted to hold an election Saturday, December 8, to levy a 1 mil tax to run for five years starting in 2019 for fixing and improving libraries in Morehouse Parish. Morehouse Parish Librarian Ron Smith explained why this is needed.

“The roof leaks like a sieve and we’ve been told there is asbestos in the tiles, walls, and dormers,” he said.

The jury also voted for Bruce Kinnard to serve in the district 1 position on the Police Jury in place of Floyd Tomboli for the remainder of this term.