The Bastrop Enterprise has been owned by many throughout the years, and one of its most prominent owners, Nathan Bolton, started work at the paper this week in 1937.

Nathan Bolton was born in 1901 in Detroit and graduated from the Kansas of Kansas School of Journalism at Lawrence, Kansas in 1926. After that he had several newspaper jobs in the Midwest.

In 1937 Bolton moved here with his wife and two daughters, beginning work at the paper as salesman and circulation manager, also doing work in the news department under then owner C. G. Scott. He had already had experience, owning several papers in the mid-west for a number of years.

In that same year, Scott went into retirement, selling the paper to Bolton who became manager. Mr. Bolton was happy with this and noted that he looked forward to continuing at the paper and meeting more of Bastrop's locals. He saw potential in the community.

“I was very favorably impressed with the city of Bastrop when I first visited the community last winter,” said Bolton in a letter published in the Enterprise. “This impression has grown even stronger, for everyone has been extremely friendly and helpful.”

Bolton took over running of the paper from 1937 to 1981, which is the longest of any owner, and had a notable impact. In 1953 he converted the Enterprise from a weekly to a daily paper. He also published his own local column titled “Note Bene”.

During his time at the Enterprise he served as president of the Louisiana Press Association in the 1940s and later as president of the Louisiana Dailies Association. He also conducted worldwide tours with a group called “Newspaper Adventurers” about which he wrote many interesting stories for the paper.

Bolton was very involved with the community as well. He played a big part in organizing the Morehouse Historical Society, serving as president. He was also a member of the Bastrop Kiwanis.

He passed away in 1981 at 76 years old after which the paper ownership was passed to family members Bill Chapman and Ben Johnson.

Bolton was an important part of the paper, and the enterprise is proud to have him as part of its history.