Local Tamara Green, owner of a screen-printing business, recently purchased a venue to locate her business as well as a vendor market in hopes of bringing something special to the local retail scene.

Green and her family have been in the business of screen-printing for a while now as its something they really enjoy.

“It was something our family always wanted to do, and my son, daughter-in-law and I did it together,” said green. “We went to Dallas, did the training and bought the equipment.”

Green's business, Greenlife, makes custom t-shirts, banners, signs, decals, and car wraps. They offer two t-shirt collections of their own: Cajun Cowboy and the Christian themed Blue-Eyed Grace. They offer some boutique clothes as well. Her daughter-in-law, who is studying graphic design, creates many of the prints.

She and her family have been running their business on the road, but wanted a physical location. She is very excited and says it is just the place she has wanted.

“I've been setting up on the road for a while, but I wanted a place here so I wouldn't have to travel so much,” said Green. “It was a place I knew I wanted with a beautiful interior for a nice shopping experience and a place in the back for my printing business so it's perfect.”

Her new venue, located at 1609 Park Loop Drive, will house not only her printing business but a vendor market as well. It will be called Bethel Market and will house different vendors selling various items.

“It's going to be a shopping place but not just a one person shop,” said Green. “It will have things from different people similar to Down South Market.”

The vendor market was an idea that she'd already done but wanted to bring here.

“I have a vendor booth in Monticello and thought it would be nice to have something like that in Bastrop,” said Green.

Vendors include a seller of painted door and yard décor, one who sells bath bombs, linen clothes, and other items, and another who sells hand-made leather purses. They are very excited to be a part of this new business.

Green hopes to open her shop sometime in September and looks forward to starting up. She hopes to bring a unique and pleasant shopping location to Bastrop.

“I want locals to have a place in Bastrop to buy gifts, clothes and home décor,” said Green. “I want them to have a nice shopping experience.”

Green and the vendors look forward to opening up and encourage locals to stop by and have a good time shopping and seeing all the unique items for sale.