The City of Bastrop would like to remind the residents about the illegal use of signs within the city limits at a public forum to be held September 4th at City Hall. Applicable city law prohibits the posting, placement or maintenance of signs on public or private property other than that which is allowed by the owner or lessee of each such particular piece of land or their respective agent.

A violation of this law carries a maximum penalty of a $500 fine and jail time of up to six months. Each sign illegally posted is counted as a separate violation of the law and is subject to the maximum fine and imprisonment.

The Bastrop Police Department will step up enforcement for the illegal display of signage starting October 1 of this year, and the City advises that the applicable public property involved with said law with regard to roads extends beyond the road itself and over the entire right of way. This means that no signs are allowed inside the point farthest away from the road with regard to telephone poles, public ditches and sidewalks. Any other land located between these points should also be free of signs, including political signs and signs posted on the telephone poles.

If signage is placed on private property without permission, the owner or lessee may request that the Bastrop Police Department issue a ticket for the violation of the law.

Forum will begin promptly at 6pm on September 4th at City Hall. Everyone is urged to attend so that all questions and concerns can be answered.