Bastrop's First Baptist Church has a history stemming back to 1980, and it added to that history when the church held an open house for its new building this week on August 19, 1957.

Designed and built by Allen Turpin, the First Baptist Church planned and built the new building over many years. The ground breaking ceremony was held on Sunday, June 28, 1953. It was a product of the hopes, dreams, and donations of many members.

The building, said to be one of the most beautiful in Northeast Louisiana, encompassed stories and included a large sanctuary with a balcony and room for several hundred, a new pastel painted nursery with a kitchen area, six rooms for the elementary aged children, and piano's for their musical education. There were also rooms for a young peoples department for ages 17 to 24 with an assembly room and robing room for the choir.

New office spaces were built for the secretary, pastor, and music minister as well as a pastor's study and a reception room. A music room and a music library room were included for the church as well.

The official opening was on Sunday, August 18 at which the first service was preached in the new sanctuary. The enterprise printed a special section about the church with its history and information about the new building, as well as such things as the first bride that would be married in the church, Miss Betty Jo Stephenson.

A reception and open house was held Monday, August 19 so visitors could tour the new church and a large crowd was expected. Several speakers were also hosted throughout the week.

The First Baptist Church still stands today and it attended by many. The city of Bastrop and the members of the church are proud of its history and its place in the community.