The mission of the Bastrop Humane Society, opened in 1984, is to provide homeless animals in the Bastrop city limits with food, shelter, and care, but they can't do it alone, so they are asking the community to lend a hand.

The Bastrop Humane Society takes in abandoned animals and provides them with a home and care. Their hope is that they will eventually be adopted.

“We try to shelter them, provide food and water, and provide medical assistance if needed,” said Humane Society President Tom Thrower. “Our main goal is to find forever homes for them.”

At the present, the Humane Society has 150 dogs and puppies and 50 cats and kittens. Any animal that comes in and is over six months is spayed or neutered and all animals are given their appropriate vaccinations. The Animal's enclosures are also cleaned. The cost of vet bills, food, and cleaning can be very high.

“During the year we'll spend about $18,000 on food, $10,000 on supplies, and $15,000 on vet bills,” said Thrower. “We need more of the community's support to care for the animals properly.”

To support this cost the Humane Society holds various fundraisers such as rummage sales, bake sales, casserole sales, and a gun raffle. The main fundraiser, however, is their membership drive. Members are needed to provide financial support, engage in monthly meetings to make decisions for the shelter, and help with fundraisers. They are also needed to volunteer at the shelter.

Volunteer work is very important as it takes a lot of effort to run the shelter. The city is a big help providing some workers to help out, but it’s a big job and more volunteers are always welcome. The animals have to be fed, their enclosures have to be clean, and the dogs have to be walked, and there are many other tasks that have to be done.

“If someone wants to volunteer to come and fold and wash clothes or come walk a dog that would be great,” said Thrower. “Any help we can get we'll take it.”

Animals are always available for adoption, and the fee is 50 dollars. The shelter cares for cats and dogs of all ages, so there's sure to be a special friend there for anyone looking to adopt. Thrower said the city is always bringing in abandoned and stray animals and sometimes several in one day. He noted that they get many abandoned litters of puppies or kittens.

Anyone willing to donate, volunteer, or adopt would be welcome, as Thrower believes all of these animals are deserving of love, care, and a forever home.

“I think it is important that people here are willing to step up and care for these animals,” said Thrower.

For further questions or to become a member, volunteer, donate, or adopt call the Bastrop Humane Society at (318) 283-0288.