The city of Bastrop has a number of nursing homes that care for the community elders, and one of them, Lagniappe Healthcare, recently received a five star rating for its level of quality and care.

For over 40 years Lagniappe has served Bastrop with its caring staff, care options, and homelike facility. One of the things that makes Lagniappe unique is that they have the ability to take in patients with tracheostomies, unlike many other homes in the area and also do outpatient therapy. They also have state of the art therapy equipment

“We provide long term care and short term care including physical, occupational, and speech therapy,” said Administrator Amanda Boatright. “We have knowledgeable and trained nursing staff.”

One of their newer services is the Music and Memory Program which was facilitated through a grant. This program uses music to stimulate the memories of dementia patients and help them engage in more activity and interactions.

“If a patient has dementia or anxiety we ask their family what type of music they like and put it on an iPod and they listen to it at certain times of the day,” said Boatright. “It lifts their spirits and calms them.”

Of their many goals, one of the biggest is to make the facility as homelike as possible. In keeping with this the residence has services such as a beauty and hair salon and transportation to doctors' appointments. There are also activities such as bingo, yoga, and Bible study.

“I think we have a very homelike atmosphere,” said Boatright. “When you walk in the door everyone is smiling and makes eye contact and it doesn't feel like a nursing home.”

Nursing homes are evaluated based on a five-star rating system created by CMS to help customers compare and find the best nursing homes. Facilities are rated based on health inspections, staffing, and quality measure.

A five-star overall rating was given to Lagniappe recently based on their ratings in each area.This was not an easy feat as the rating system was recently changed making it harder to achieve such a rating. They are, in fact, the only nursing home in Bastrop with five stars, but it doesn't end there.

“There is not another facility within a 50-mile radius of us who has a five star at this time,” said Boatright.

Lagniappe also received a deficiency free survey from the Louisiana Department of Health. They were recognized in the Louisiana Nursing Home Association for this achievement.

Lagniappe is proud of their five-star rating and hopes to continue giving the community elders a place like home with a loving staff and quality care.

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