“I’m too old to back up,” are words of wisdom Morehouse Parish District One Police Juror Floyd Tomboli gave to District Five Juror Jason Crockett and the words he represented his district with since 2008.

Tomboli tendered his resignation Monday night at the Jury’s regular meeting. The resignation will be effective at midnight on August 31.

Jury President Terry Matthews read a letter from Tomboli and expressed his gratitude at his accomplishments, “Floyd and I have established a brother relationship over these years of working together,” Matthews said. “It has been a joy to work with him.”

Other members also expressed their appreciation, commenting that Tomboli has always had the concerns of Morehouse Parish as his main priority and had worked hard for the citizens of not only his District but Morehouse Parish as a whole.

As Tomboli’s term does not end until 2020, there will be a need to fill the spot until then. Matthews stated that the appointment should be someone who will not run in the 2019 election.

Other items on the agenda included Derl Johnson speaking to the jury about entering into a cooperative endeavor agreement to repair the Holly Ridge Road. Johnson told the jury that property owners in that area are willing to pay for asphalting the road, to which the jury agreed to allow.

Hubert Williams was reappointed to the Consolidated Waterworks District No. 2 Board and Sam Little was reappointed to the Sparta Ground Water Commission.

The following Occupational License are also approved: Cathy M. Ross Bail Bonds (renewal), King Tire and Auto, LLC (new owners-Alabbadi Mohamed Abdo Mohamed), Evolution (new) and Riverside Bail Bonds, LLC (new).